I grew up on a rural farm in Virginia where I spent many hours walking along stream banks, communing with nature. I was fascinated with the farm machinery and loved watching my Dad make things. The art I create today has a direct connection to my years growing up in the country. I feel a deep affinity with nature and the natural cycle of life.

My steel sculptures speak to the transitory and fragile nature of life.

Elements of nature- seed pods, leaves, rocks may be bound or suspended by thin wire, or encased in steel. Are they being protected, or are they imprisoned? Can you touch them or does the wire keep you out?

I am very concerned with the environment and the changes that are happening. My work could be a container or a shrine, to what is lost.

Although the intense heat of my welding torch transforms the steel, melting and bending it, even steel is transitory, eventually rusting away to nothing.

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